Empowering Voi’s Youth: How Robotics Training Is Shaping Future Innovators

Do you have a who has just come home for holidays from a busy school calendar for the first term of 2024, most of us would easily relate to how they can test our patience given there’s little to keep them pre-occupied as they were in school. This is not the case however in parts like Voi town where a group of 26 students from different schools is spending their holiday immersed in robotics and technology training, clever right? The students are gathered at P.C.E.A. St. Stephen’s Academy with their main intention to explore the world of robotics while gaining practical skills and knowledge that may shape their futures.

Quick Summary:

  • Hands-On Learning: Students are set to gain practical skills and experience in programming, LED lights, and buzzers, applying their knowledge to everyday situations.
  • Inspiration and Aspiration: These young minds are being inspired by the potential of robotics, with some even aspiring to pursue careers in robotics engineering.
  • Expert Guidance: Experienced mentors guide the students, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications.

Exploring the World of Robotics

Having interacted with some of the students at the center, we got a sense of just how the opportunity is impacting their holiday season. One of the students named Emmanuel Mcharo from Mwatate Junior Academy expressed his enthusiasm for learning about the applications of robotics in security systems, household appliances, as well as in communication devices. He showed quite some interest in the use of LED lights and buzzers which opened his door to a deeper understanding of how technology can be harnessed in everyday life.

Another student, Emmanuel Shungula from Citadel Junior Academy in Voi shared his fascination with the different types of robots ranging from battery-powered to electric ones. He is also keen to understand the broader implications of robotics in areas such as governmental surveillance.

On another hand, Enid Gombe who is a visionary student from Sironga Girls High School dreamed of becoming a robotic engineer which she feels will allow her to open her own company to manufacture robots. Her aspiration reflects the potential of robotics as a career path and a means of socioeconomic empowerment.

Lovenia Mwakio from Happy Land Preparatory School in Nairobi found joy in exploring the creative aspects of robotics which included activities such as crafting different sounds with buzzers and understanding their practical applications in daily life.

Guiding the Next Generation of Innovators

The students who have opted into the program are guided by experienced mentors, including software engineer Francis Monaja from Meliora Company and Muru Technologies. Francis provides students with hands-on learning experiences that connect classroom concepts to real-world applications thereby enabling them to understand the relevance of robotics in daily life.

Francis is supported by Chengo Erick, an ICT teacher at P.C.E.A. St. Stephen’s Academy in Voi. Chengo emphasizes the importance of introducing programming at an early stage to foster problem-solving and innovation.

Chris Muru who is the CEO of Muru Technologies, highlighted the transformative potential of robotics in shaping the future of technology. He believes that robotics training will not only engage students but also instils in them the importance of leveraging technology to enhance human productivity and address pressing issues in fields such as agriculture, healthcare, and logistics.

Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Students participating in the program immerse themselves into robotics training to gain technical skills while developing a mindset geared toward innovation and problem-solving. Their journey exemplifies the power of education in empowering the next generation of leaders and pioneers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Chris Muru adds that the robots the students are using will help them succeed in STEM competitions and solve community challenges. He emphasized that robotics complements human capabilities by thinking faster and accessing information from various sources. This technology can improve human productivity and help companies innovate and handle multiple projects simultaneously. You can get additional information about the program from here.


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