How to Change Your WiFi Name and Password on Zuku’s Technicolor Router

I have for the longest time been a great fan of Zuku internet, not because they have the best fixed internet in town – in comparison their service is wanting, but because there’s somewhat a sense of control when it comes to what you can and cannot do on their devices. Say you wanted to change your WiFi password, all you have to do is login into the device and if you have some experience, change the password in under a minute. The same cannot be said with the likes of JTL or Safaricom. Safaricom is really trying with the latest approach of resetting via the Safaricom App but JTL has a long way to go, you’d basically need to call customer care for them to reset on their end.  

On the same note, quite a number of Kenyans seem to share my sentiments given that Zuku is one of the most popular fixed internet service providers in the country, with a wide coverage that offers fiber optic connectivity in major towns such as Nairobi and Mombasa. If you have recently moved into a location covered by Zuku and opted to utilize their services, you might be given a Technicolor router, seems those are the one they have nowadays. This guide will walk you through how to change your WiFi name and password on your Zuku Technicolor router.

Logging into Zuku’s Technicolor Router

Before you begin, let’s make sure you are connected to the router, preferably via an ethernet cable or the WiFi network.

  1. Open Your Browser: Start by opening a web browser and typing the following address into the URL bar:
  2. Enter Login Credentials: You will be prompted to log in. The default username is left blank (empty), and the default password is admin. Enter the password and proceed.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can change your WiFi name and password.

Changing Your WiFi Name and Password

  1. Navigate to the Wireless Settings: Once logged into the router’s admin panel, click on the “Wireless” tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Select “Primary Network”: On the left-hand side menu, select “Primary Network.”
  3. Find the Current WiFi Name and Password: You will see the current WiFi name under “Network Name (SSID)” and the password under “WPA Pre-shared Key.” To view the current password, click on “show key.”
  4. Change the WiFi Name or Password: To change either the WiFi name or password, click on the field you want to modify. Type in your new WiFi name or password.
  5. Apply Changes: Once you have made the desired changes, click on the “apply” button to save them.

Please note that if you were connected via WiFi, you will lose connection until you re-enter the new password.

Final Thoughts

Changing your WiFi name and password should be a breeze for the service you are paying for, the reasoning informing JTL to retain this aspect of self service is honestly perplexing to me. The process should be quick since it can help improve your network’s security. Keep in mind that if you encounter any difficulties or are unsure about the changes you are making, you can always contact Zuku’s customer care department for assistance. Maintaining control of your network’s access and settings ensures a safe and personalized internet experience.


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