How to Retrieve Your Last Purchased KPLC Tokens on Your Phone


For those of us who live here in Kenya, chances are at one point you purchased the so-called KPLC tokens and ended up not receiving them. Just to reveal some context, KPLC is currently the only utility company in the country allowed to distribute power to Kenyan households – talk of monopoly. And ever since the parastatal introduced prepaid meters, purchasing KPLC tokens for prepaid electricity is a common practice in Kenya with its own share of frustrations, especially when you don’t receive the token message after a successful transaction. Whether it’s just due to technical hitch on the utility company’s side – which is mostly the case, missing out on your purchased tokens can cause inconvenience.

There’s however at least away to redeem yourself if faced with such a scenario that has been provided by KPLC when it works. Kenya Power offers a convenient solution through a USSD code that can be dialed on your mobile device through which you can retrieve your last three purchased tokens quickly and efficiently, without the need for a smartphone or internet connection.

Quick Summary:

  • When faced with this unfortunate issue of not receiving purchased KPLC tokens, Kenya Power provides a USSD code solution for retrieval.
  • By dialing *977# on your mobile phone, you can access your last three purchased tokens within minutes, at least when it works – talk of government run parastatals.
  • The process is straightforward and requires only your prepaid meter account number to retrieve the tokens.

Steps on How to Retrieve Your last purchased KPLC Tokens

If you find yourself in this unfortunate frustrating situation where despite following all the correct procedures, you end up not receiving your purchased KPLC tokens, then follow these simple steps to retrieve tokens using the USSD code as provided by Kenya Power:

  1. Dial 977#: Grab your mobile phone that has an active line from one of the local mobile service providers, whether it’s a smartphone or a basic device, and ensure it has sufficient credit then Dial *977# to initiate the process.
  • Navigate to “Prepaid Services”: After dialing the USSD code, you’ll be presented with a menu. Select “Prepaid Services” from the options provided.
  • Next, choose “Latest Token”: Among the available services, locate and select “Latest Token.” This option will lead you to the retrieval process.
  • Enter Your Prepaid Meter Account Number: Input your prepaid meter account number when prompted. This information is crucial for accessing the specific tokens linked to your account.
  • Lastly, press “Send”: Complete the process by pressing the “Send” button. This action will prompt the system to retrieve and display your last three purchased tokens within minutes.

Final Thoughts

A consolation to those moments when frustration takes a toll on your mind is that technology has allowed KPLC to give us at least a way to recover un-received tokens.  Kenya Power’s USSD code *977# serves as an alternative solution, rather than making those customer care calls that can eat you up with tons of frustrations.


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