Bolt Kenya Launches “Flood Assist” Category to Aid Flood Victims

Ride-hailing platform Bolt had inked a deal with the Kenya Red Cross in an effort to support Kenyans affected by recent floods. A new “Flood Assist” category on the Bolt app will allow riders to contribute to relief efforts, where the online taxi operator will contribute a percentage towards those affected by recent floods that have been recking havoc across the country.

Bolt will provide an initial amount of KES 5 million, aiming to gather a total of KES 10 million from this category. Every ride’s income in this category will contibute 5% towards aiding people affected by the recent floods.

The initiative targets those impacted by the devastating floods, which caused loss of life, displacement, and property damage.

“We’re launching ‘Flood Assist’ with an initial KES 5 million to encourage Kenyans to join our flood relief efforts,” said Linda Ndungu, Bolt Kenya Country Manager. “This allows us to leverage our platform and significantly help those affected by these terrible floods.”

Official reports indicate that at least 228 people have since died, 72 are missing and 164 have been injured as a result of the floods. Over 223,000 people have been affected, with 163,210 evacuated in Nairobi County alone.

Bolt’s partnership with the Kenya Red Cross will guarantee that collected funds are utilized for supplying relief food, relocation assistance, food, water as well as providing hygiene amenities in affected regions. Considering that the government-supported response to flooding crisis is currently led by the Kenya Red Cross, it holds expertise in making sure resources reach their intended recipients.

“We appreciate Bolt’s commitment to aiding flood victims,” said Dr. Ahmed Idris, Secretary-General of the Kenya Red Cross. “This collaboration strengthens our reach and brings help where it’s most needed. With Bolt’s partnership and initial donation, we can provide critical support like food, shelter, and medical aid.”

Bolt encourages all Kenyans to participate by using the “Flood Assist” category, with every ride contributing to their KES 10 million goal. Every trip taken in this category will significantly improve the lives of those affected by the floods.


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