The Pixel 8a 256GB Option has One Major Downside You Need to Know

Despite Google’s lack of presence here in Kenya interms of it’s smartphone linenup – the pixels, there’s still a good number of us who follow and like to indulge with its devices. The tech giant has unveiled the latest addition to its Pixel lineup: the Pixel 8a, which has been tailored for budget-conscious individuals like me. You might think it’s good news for those that want more room for apps and other things on their phone like photos or files but there is one major drawback when you decide to opt for the one with a larger storage capacity, you can’t expand your memory using an external card.

The 256GB model, unlike its 128GB version that is offered in Bay (light blue), Porcelain (off-white), Aloe (a vivid green) along with Obsidian (black) colors, can only be obtained in Obsidian. This factor might prove to be a major drawback and could potentially frustrate prospective buyers who were planning on purchasing one of the other appealing color varieties.

On the other hand, the 256GB model isn’t all that bad, it’s estimated to cost aroung $559 in the US, and provides an interesting option for people who want more storage. But it’s important to consider this against paying just a little extra for the complete Pixel 8 that has better features like improved display quality, camera system and build quality.

So far the reactions about color options are mixed. Many people are leaning towards Bay, Porcelain or Aloe more than Obsidian which is set as the default choice for this particular model. However, users can always put on colorful cases for both protection as well as to make their Pixel 8a look lively.


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