Airtel Kenya Enhances Tubonge AllNet and Tubonge On Net Plans Following Revised MTRs

Airtel Kenya has lowered its Mobile Termination Rates (MTR) to benefit its customers all over Kenya. The rates saw a decrease from March 1, 2024 when the Communications Authority revised MTR rates – and consequently Airtel revised its rates to reflect this from KES 0.58 to now KES 0.41 per minute. Following the rate adjustment, the telco has moved to reduce prices on its various packages to allows customers feel the changes that were implemented by the Communications Authority.

Ashish Malhotra, Airtel Kenya’s Managing Director, showed his support for the MTR reduction, saying, “We welcome and endorse the reduction of the Mobile Termination Rates.” He announced the reduction in prices for Weekly and monthly Voice bundles as a result.

Apart from the reduction in prices, the telco has also moved to expand its current infrastructure with a view of improving it’s current network coverage. The company has since setup over 300 sites bringing the total coverage to over 3700, which it aimed at offering better coverage as well as service quality for customers nationwide.

In line with the revised MTR and network expansion, Airtel has revamped its Tubonge AllNet and Tubonge On Net plans. These updates include reduced pricing for Weekly and Monthly Tubonge plans, as well as the introduction of SMS bundles to facilitate cheaper communication across networks.

Prisca Murigu, Airtel Kenya’s Marketing Director, shared her excitement about the revamped plans, highlighting their affordability, flexibility, and value. “We are delighted to introduce Airtel’s revamped Tubonge AllNet and Tubonge On Net plans,” she said, “designed to offer more affordability, flexibility, and value to our customers following the reduced MTRs.”

Below is a breakdown of the new Tubonge AllNet and Tubonge On Net plans:

New Tubonge AllNet Plans:

  • Tubonge All Net Daily: KES 20 for 1 Day (20 minutes, Free Airtel to Airtel calls)
  • Tubonge AllNet Weekly: KES 80 for 7 Days (100 minutes, 100 SMS)
  • Tubonge AllNet Monthly: KES 250 for 30 Days (300 minutes, 300 SMS)

New Tubonge On Net Plans:

  • Tubonge On net Daily: KES 10 for 1 Day (40 minutes)
  • Tubonge On Net Weekly: KES 50 for 7 Days (100 minutes, 100 SMS)
  • Tubonge On Net Monthly: KES 150 for 30 Days (100 minutes, 100 SMS)


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