Bolt and M-KOPA Partner to Revolutionize Mobility in Kenya with Electric Motorcycles

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Kenya’s efforts towards a greener future are undoubtedly on course especially with numerous programs initiated by the government towards the same, just recently we witnessed the unveiling of green number plates for electric cars that would give owners some advantages when it comes to certain fees such as parking within the city. Now, other players in the industry such as ride hailing app Bolt and M-KOPA have also joined the bandwagon with a partnership to introduce electric motorbikes in the country. The two companies are seeking to offer drivers environmentally friendly motorbikes that are also economically viable.


  • Bolt and M-KOPA partner to launch electric motorcycle fleet in Kenya.
  • Drivers can lease ROAM and Ampersand electric motorbikes at discounted rates.
  • The partnership aims to make electric motorbike ownership affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Bolt has hit headlines here in Kenya for both positive and negative reasons, and in this case at least we are discussing something that is going to impact the environment in a positive way. The company has taken a leading role towards a sustainable transportation sector by incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet. Through the strategic alliance with M-KOPA which specializes in providing innovative financial solutions, Bolt is looking at making the electric motorbike ownership process accessible to a broader segment of the population.

In the partnership, new and existing Bolt drivers will have the opportunity to lease electric motorbikes from leading brands such as ROAM and Ampersand at significantly reduced rates compared to conventional market prices. By leveraging M-KOPA’s fintech platform, drivers will be able to access financing options that facilitate affordable ownership of electric motorcycles, with monthly payments ranging from $74.35 to $111.52.

Caroline Wanjihia, Regional Director of Ride Hailing Operations for Africa & International Markets at Bolt emphasized the environmental as well as economic benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. She highlighted the potential for increased driver earnings and enhanced economic stability within communities served by Bolt. According to her, by embracing electric mobility Bolt will not only reduce its environmental footprint but also empower drivers to achieve higher daily earnings thereby contributing to economic prosperity.

On his side David Damberger who is the Managing Director of M-KOPA Mobility, reiterated the commitment to redefining mobility in Kenya through accessible financing solutions for electric motorbikes. With a focus on serving the underbanked population, M-KOPA aims to expand its reach and at the same time support more customers in adopting sustainable transportation alternatives. The partnership with Bolt signifies a significant stride towards this objective, marking a new era of affordable and eco-conscious mobility solutions in Kenya.

As part of its ambitious launch strategy, Bolt plans to deploy an initial fleet of 5000 electric bikes in Nairobi, with expected future expansion initiatives on the horizon. The sizable investment confirms Bolt’s commitment to sustainable transportation as well as its determination to lead the charge towards a greener and a more sustainable future for Kenya’s urban mobility landscape.


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