CIC Group Unveils Innovative Online Car Coverage Dubbed EasyBima

Since the days of covid-19, being able to access certain services remotely has almost become a necessity, and most organizations are finally embracing this narrative. While previously we could only think of schools with distant learning initiatives, other sectors such as insurance has also jumped onto the wagon. Recognizing this need, CIC Group Insurance has taken a bold step by introducing EasyBima, a new online-based car insurance cover. The service has redefined how most CIC customers will now engage with the company going forward by integrating the aspect of remote-self-service that can be managed remotely with just a few clicks.


  • EasyBima by CIC Group Insurance offers a convenient online platform for purchasing and renewing car insurance.
  • Customers can spread their insurance payments over 12 months, reducing financial strain.
  • The comprehensive coverage includes protection against various risks such as accidental damage, theft, fire, and third-party liability.

The car insurance cover dubbed EasyBima leverages the increasing internet penetration in Kenya which as per recent statistics stood at 40 percent at the beginning of the year. More Kenyans have gained access to the internet and by embracing digital services, EasyBima aims to cater to the needs of the country’s tech-savvy population.

EasyBima offers more than just convenience; it provides a comprehensive coverage tailored to meet the diverse needs of car owners. In the package, car owners will get protection against accidental and malicious damage, theft, fire, third-party liability, legal liability, flooding, riot, and civil commotion. By encompassing a wide range of risks, EasyBima aims to make sure that customers have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are safeguarded against various eventualities.

Driving Business Sustainability

Patrick Nyaga, the Chief Executive Officer of CIC Group has emphasized that EasyBima is not just about convenience but also about driving business sustainability. By investing in digital-led solutions like EasyBima, CIC Group aims to enhance access to its products as well as services while aligning with the evolving needs and expectations of its customers.

Additionally, Mr. Nyaga highlighted the importance of digitization as a catalyst for growth and transformation within CIC Group’s strategic plan. By enabling Kenyans to realize value through seamless insurance and investment processes, CIC Group aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of its business operations.

How to get CIC EasyBima

The cover works in 3 steps where you fill in the details online from an online portal:, then you receive a quotation for the cover and finally you decide to purchase it or not.


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