#DiscoverMyAfrica Shorts Challenge Launched by Google and African Union Youth Envoy!

Office of the African Union Chairperson’s Youth Envoy and Google have teamed up to launch an initiative that brings together content creators with the aim of honoring Africa’s diversity. The #DiscoverMyAfrica Shorts Challenge is an invitation for YouTube creators from all corners of Africa to express their creativity and perspectives throughout the month of May.

The initiative is driven by Chido Mpemba, who holds the role of African Union Chairperson’s Youth Envoy with the aim of empowering African young people so they can display their stories, culture and heritage across the world through technological means. By collaborating with Google, the initiative promotes creative expression as well as initiating important conversations about issues like content responsibility, digital keeping and how AI affects Africa’s creative businesses. This lines up well with a vision for Africa that benefits from digital advancement while using its cultural wealth for economic progress and social growth.

In the YouTube Shorts Challenge, creators have to show African life in short videos. These videos can be about severall different things like music, art, food and fashion as well as local places of interest. Furthermore, to enhance Africa’s lively music culture, YouTube is organizing YouTube Music Nights in Nigeria and South Africa where viewers will enjoy the energetic beats of Afrobeats and Amapiano. Moreover, two selected playlists named “Africa’s Next Wave” and “Africa Superstars” will focus on up-and-coming artists along with established voices that have pushed the continent into worldwide music scene.

In addition to the Shorts Challenge, people who dream of becoming filmmakers or content creators will also have the opportunity to upscale their abilities and knowledge with special workshops hosted by Nollywood in Nigeria and broader #DiscoverMyAfrica workshops which will provide creators with valuable information and tools to enhance their craft at every stage.

Addy Awofisayo, Head of Music for sub-Saharan Africa at YouTube, highlighted the dedication to cultivating and assisting the varied voices and skills that make up Africa’s creative field. These actions not only offer a stage for African filmmakers, musicians, and content creators to tell their stories but also function as triggers in interacting with viewers around the globe.


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