Government Invests in Mobile Network Coverage for Kitui County

It’s hard to imagine that even after several years with the mobile telephony technology with us, there are still areas within Kenya that still lack a sustainable mobile network connection. People in some of these areas still must move places looking for a place with better reception. I an interesting move aimed at addressing some of these challenges especially in those remote areas such as Kitui which also reels from cases of insecurity, the Kenyan government has allocated Sh300 million from the Universal Service Fund (USF) to improve mobile network coverage. Eric Kiraithe, Principal Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy, revealed this initiative during a recent visit to Kitui County.

Quick Summary:

  • The Kenyan government allocates Sh300 million from the USF to enhance mobile network coverage in Kitui County.
  • The Communication Authority of Kenya collaborates with private mobile network service providers to install masts in identified zones.
  • The initiative aims to address connectivity challenges in remote and insecurity-prone areas, facilitating access to communication services and promoting development.
  • Similar projects are underway in 18 other counties across Kenya, targeting areas with security concerns or geographical remoteness.
  • Government officials emphasize the importance of community involvement and security measures to safeguard communication infrastructure.

Bridging Connectivity Gaps in Kitui County

The initiative which has been spearheaded by the Communication Authority of Kenya in collaboration with private mobile network service providers like Safaricom, seeks to tackle the longstanding issue of poor mobile network connectivity in remote regions within Kitui County. Through the installation of masts in strategic locations, such as Makuka, Malawa, Malalani, Kimela, and Katene, the project aims to extend reliable mobile communication services to underserved communities.

Nationwide Efforts for Connectivity Enhancement

The latest push by the government in Kitui County follows similar efforts in 18 other counties as part of ongoing efforts to improve mobile network coverage nationwide. The efforts are targeted to areas that are currently facing security challenges or geographical isolation, recognizing the importance of having a stable connectivity in the areas that would in turn foster development while enhancing security.

Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring Sustainability

While the government is doing all it can to address these connectivity issues, there are still a ton of challenges such as vandalism of telecommunication infrastructure which have been encountered in previous phases. And to mitigate these risks, the Communication Authority of Kenya is actively engaging with local communities, government agencies, as well as county administrations to raise awareness about the importance of communication infrastructure while fostering the sense of community ownership.

Collaboration for Sustainable Development

Government officials that included current Kitui County Commissioner Jipchumba Rutto, have expressed support for the initiative and emphasized the role of enhanced communication in addressing security concerns. By promoting community involvement and cooperation with security agencies, stakeholders aim to safeguard communication infrastructure and ensure its sustainability for the benefit of all residents.


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