Government Sets Up Emergency Desk at Nyayo House to Replace Lost Documents Amid Flood Crisis

The government’s response to the floods, which have been causing significant damage across the country, has been prompt in providing assistance to those affected. On Friday, during National Tree Planting Day, while in Mavoko, Machakos County, Immigration Principal Secretary Julius Bitok unveiled a crucial project to establish an emergency desk at Nyayo house.

Bitok announced the establishment of an emergency desk at Nyayo House, which will serve as a lifeline for city residents looking to report loss of their important documents. Residents can visit the desk to obtain new personal documents if they have lost their ID cards, passports, or birth certificates due to the floods. This initiative aims to expedite the replacement process, ensuring that affected individuals can quickly obtain fresh documents.

“Bitok explained the procedure for reporting at Nyayo House, emphasizing the need to arrive in an emergency situation. The initiative is aimed to assist people who have lost their documents in the ongoing intense floods to obtain replacement documents promptly,” Bitok said.

Furthermore, Bitok emphasized that equivalent emergency desks will be set up throughout the country. This demonstrates the government’s dedication to assisting all affected citizens quickly and effectively. He provided reassurance by stating that they were prepared to travel around the country so that each individual receives a new document in a very short time.”

The devastating impact of the floods is evident across the country, with the national death toll reaching 257 by May 8. Moreover, there are now 188 people who have been injured, and a staggering 293,661 individuals affected overall, resulting in the displacement of around 54,837 households across the nation.

Bitok, highlighting these issues, urged Kenyans to take National Tree Growing Day seriously. He emphasized its crucial role in addressing flooding and mitigating the effects of climate change. “We will plant 3,000 trees in this area while joining the rest of Kenyans to ensure there are enough trees to help us combat flooding and mitigate the effects of climate change,” he stated.


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