How to Block All Incoming and Outgoing Calls or Text Messages on the Safaricom Network

Quick Overview.

  • Safaricom provides an option to block all outgoing calls or text messages at the network level.
  • Blocking, at the network level offers control over communication access compared to device level blocking.
  • Users can easily turn on or off call and text message blocking on their Safaricom SIM cards by dialing codes.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that someone would want to take a break from phone calls and text messages, we’ve grown fond of our mobile devices that that such a scenario would be a hard sell in normal day to day activities. However, in certain circumstances, there are those of us who would want to take a break from it all and in certain circumstances there are times when taking a break from phone calls or text messages becomes necessary. Whether it’s for focusing on tasks without disturbances or enjoying what its popularly referred to as “me time”, the ability to block outgoing calls or texts might be valuable. Safaricom, a telecommunications provider in Kenya addresses this need through its network level call and text blocking feature.

Differences between Device Level and Network Level Blocking.

The decision to block calls and text messages can be implemented either at the device level or the network level, each having its implications.

Device Level Blocking:

This approach is reliant on the settings of the device itself such as activating “Do Not Disturb” mode or turning on “Airplane Mode.” Calls and texts might still reach the network but are not completed or delivered to the device. How it works basically is to allow calls and text messages to go through the network but restricted at the very end when they your device making this approach specific to that device.

Network Level Blocking:

In contrast, network level blocking level is implemented at the network level. To activate this feature, you need to utilize USSD codes supplied by the network provider such as Safaricom. When activated these codes make the SIM card unreachable on the network effectively preventing all outgoing calls and texts.

Steps to Block All Incoming and Outgoing Calls or Texts on Safaricom Network.

Safaricom provides a variety of codes that enable users to activate or deactivate different call and text blocking features. Here’s how you can do it.

  • To block or unblock all Outgoing Calls, dial *33*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls, dial *35*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls When Roaming, dial *351*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls Except Home Calls (when roaming), dial *332*0000#
  • To block or unblock all International Calls, dial *331*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Outgoing SMS, dial *33*0000*16#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming SMS, dial *35*0000*16#

These USSD codes offer users the flexibility to tailor their call and text blocking settings based on their individual requirements. Are you looking to take a break or set limits on calls and messages? Safaricom network level block feature is the best solution for you.

To sum up, whether you need to concentrate on something else or just want some peace and quiet time, Safaricom’s network level call and text block feature allows users to manage their communication channels effortlessly.


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