How to Easily Check and Manage Phone Numbers Registered with Your ID Number

In today’s age, our information has become so valuable that it’s equally crucial to protect it from landing in the wrong hands. Looking a tad back, none of the problems we face today existed, but with the rise in mobile phone usage, it’s important to keep track of any phone numbers linked to our ID to avoid misuse and potential fraud. Thankfully Safaricom has introduced a feature that helps its subscribers stay informed about all numbers registered with their ID and hopefully remain secure. We’ve detailed some of the steps you can take when your phone is stolen to secure your data but unfortunately that’s not enough, we also need to keep tabs on those trying to steal our identity altogether and register things under our ID’s.


  • Safaricom now offers a feature that alerts users whenever a new phone number is registered with their ID.
  • Users can easily check their registered numbers by dialing *106#.
  • This feature is accessible for both Safaricom and Airtel customers.
  • Through this tool users can view their registered numbers, report ones they find suspiciously under their ID and take steps to remain secure.
  • To remove a number from registration users can report it via *106#. Reach out to Safaricom for assistance or visit a Safaricom store.


Safaricom took measures a few years back to enhance user security by introducing a feature that notifies individuals about any new phone numbers registered under their ID. This initiative empowers people to actively monitor their registration status and detect activities associated with their identity.

How to Verify Registered Phone Numbers.

To check the phone numbers linked to your identification you can follow these instructions.

  1. Dial *106# on your device.
  2. Navigate through the menu options to find the section for checking registered numbers.
  3. Look at the list of numbers associated with your ID and confirm their validity.
  4. If you come across any numbers that are suspicious report them promptly to safeguard your identity and prevent misuse.

Managing Registered Numbers.

If you discover any numbers registered under your ID, it’s important to take the following steps;

  • Report any unfamiliar number using the USSD code *106# to notify Safaricom about potentially fraudulent activities.
  • If you no longer use a registered number and want to remove it from your records get in touch with Safaricom for assistance.
  • Visit a Safaricom store to start the deregistration process and ensure that outdated or unauthorized numbers are removed from your ID.

In Conclusion.

Being aware of the phone numbers linked to your ID is essential, for protecting your identity and preventing fraud. The *106# USSD code feature introduced by Safaricom allows users to actively monitor and manage their registration status enhancing security measures. By reporting numbers and deregistering obsolete ones Kenyans can proactively safeguard their personal information and reduce the risk of identity related fraud. Be alert, and make use of the tools at your disposal to safeguard the authenticity of numbers under your ID.


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