How to Forward All your Calls to Another Number on Safaricom Network: A Handy Guide

I don’t know about you maybe by being here I might have some clues, but there was a time when I was dying to forward all my calls to a certain number instead. There are a couple of circumstances when this service might come in handy. In my case, travelling to “shaggs” is one definite moment that I always need to divert my calls to another number.

Usually when you come from faraway place such as I do, travelling to rural areas has its own set of challenges that might be too much to some of us. A good example is poor cellular network, and the most effective way I usually get around it is by diverting my calls when unreachable to someone in a place with better cellular reception.

These situations can be daunting, but if you’re a Safaricom subscriber like me and want to redirect incoming calls to another number or voicemail? Great news! Safaricom offers some tricks that enable you to redirect or calls guaranteeing you stay on top of important communications. Let me walk you through the process.

Forwarding Calls to Voicemail

Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to answer every call. Voicemail comes in useful in that scenario. Let me walk you through the setup process.

When on Another Call: Dial **610722122# or **670722122# to activate call diversion.

  • Check Status: Dial *#67# or *#61# to confirm activation.
  • When Unreachable: If your phone is off or out of coverage, dial **62*0722122# to divert calls.
  • Check Status: Confirm activation by dialing *#62#.

Forwarding Calls to Another Number

Perhaps you prefer having calls redirected to another mobile number. Safaricom allows for that too:

  • For All Incoming Calls: Dial 21 followed by the mobile number you want calls diverted to, then # (e.g., **210722222222#).
  • Check Status: Dial *#21# to verify activation.
  • For Unwanted Calls: If you want to avoid certain calls, dial 61 followed by the desired mobile number, then # (e.g., **610722222222#).
  • Check Status: Verify activation by dialing *#61#.
  • When Primary Phone is Off: To divert calls only when your primary phone is off, dial 62 followed by the mobile number, then # (e.g., **620722222222#).
  • Check Status: Confirm activation by dialing *#62#.
  • When Primary Phone is Engaged: If your primary phone is engaged, dial 67 followed by the mobile number, then # (e.g., **670722222222#).
  • Check Status: Verify activation by dialing *#67#.

By using these convenient steps through USSD codes, you can effortlessly handle your incoming calls on the Safaricom network. Whether you’re occupied, out of reach or just, like the option to have calls redirected Safaricom offers the versatility you desire. Give it a try. Ensure you never overlook a call again!


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