How to Reactivate Dormant NHIF Card, Pay Penalties and Continue Using Services

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) which is the main government offered insurance cover here in Kenya provides very crucial health insurance services to citizens across the country. However, at times, there are certain circumstances such as job loss or transitioning to the informal sector that may lead to defaults thereby making NHIF cards to become dormant. Reactivating these cards is essential if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of government offered medical insurance here in Kenya. In this guide, we’ll explore how to reactivate your dormant NHIF card and seamlessly resume using its services, all through your mobile phone.


  • Many Kenyans lost formal employment due to COVID-19, resulting in dormant NHIF cards.
  • Reactivating NHIF cards is crucial for continued access to medical insurance.
  • Payment options include MPESA and Safaricom Bonga Points.
  • Late penalties can be avoided by timely contributions.

Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous Kenyans faced job losses which ended up forcing them to seek alternative sources of income, and in this case from the informal sector. One of the consequences of leaving formal employment unfortunately is the dormancy of NHIF cards since they won’t be paid for by your employer unless you do so yourself. However, as an individual, you can choose to reactivate your NHIF card so that you can regain access to these vital healthcare services.

How to Reactivate Your Dormant NHIF Card:

Reactivating a dormant NHIF card is a straightforward process that can be completed through your mobile phone. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

MPESA Payment:

  • Access your MPESA menu on your mobile phone.
    • Select “Lipa na MPESA.”
    • Choose “Paybill.”
    • Enter 222222 as the Paybill number.
    • For the account number, input NHIFM-IDNumber, replacing “IDNumber” with your actual ID number without any spaces.
    • Make a payment of Ksh. 1,500 to reactivate your NHIF card.

Safaricom Bonga Points:

  • Dial *126# on your mobile phone.
    • Navigate to “Lipa Na Bonga” using the menu options.
    • Convert your Safaricom Bonga Points to pay for NHIF.
    • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction and reactivate your NHIF card.

Late Payment Penalties:

It’s essential to note that timely contributions to NHIF are crucial to avoiding late payment penalties. Self-employed members are required to contribute KES 500 monthly to their NHIF accounts, with payments due by the 9th of each month. Failure to make timely contributions may result in a penalty of 10% (KES 50) of the voluntary monthly contribution.

How to Pay Late Penalties:

If you’ve missed the payment deadline and incurred late penalties, follow these steps to settle your dues:

  1. Access the M-PESA menu on your mobile phone.
  2. Click on “Lipa Na Mpesa,” then select “PayBill.”
  3. Enter 222222 as the PayBill number.
  4. For the account number, input NHIFP-IDNumber, replacing “IDNumber” with your actual ID number without any spaces.
  5. Complete the payment process to clear any outstanding penalties.

Reactivating your dormant NHIF card ensures continued access to essential healthcare services, providing peace of mind during uncertain times.


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