Jambojet Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Exclusive Ticket Offer

In celebration of its milestone 10th anniversary, Kenya’s budget carrier Jambojet has announced an exclusive promotion offering 1,000 tickets at a discounted rate of just Sh10 for one-way flights to various local destinations. Here are the exciting details on the unbelievable offer:

Quick Summary:

  • Jambojet marked its 10th anniversary with a special promotion offering 1,000 one-way tickets at Sh10 each.
  • The promotion aimed to reward loyal customers while attracting more travelers to fly with the carrier.
  • Tickets were available for select flights between April 8 and 26, exclusively through the airline’s website.

Key Details:

Generous Offer:

  • Jambojet’s Managing Director, Karanja Ndegwa, announced the sale of 1,000 tickets priced at Sh10 each for one-way flights.
  • This special offer provided travelers with significant savings compared to standard ticket prices making it the most affordable and accessible.

Limited Availability:

  • The promotion was available for select flights between April 8 and 26, creating a window of opportunity for travelers to book their discounted tickets.
  • With only 1,000 tickets on offer, customers are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their seats and take advantage of the incredible deal.

Exclusive Booking Method:

  • Tickets can only be booked through Jambojet’s official website, streamlining the booking process for customers who wanted to take advantage of the offer.

Celebrating Milestones:

  • The promotion not only celebrates Jambojet’s 10th anniversary but also served as a gesture of appreciation to its loyal customers for their continued support over the years.
  • By rewarding customers with discounted tickets, Jambojet reinforced its commitment to providing value and exceptional service.

Future Expansion Plans:

  • In addition to the anniversary promotion, Jambojet has announced plans to expand its operations across East Africa.
  • Starting from July 1, the airline will introduce four weekly flights between Mombasa and Zanzibar, further enhancing connectivity within the region.


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