KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) Channel Numbers on Different Platforms

KBC might not be as popular as it used to be back in our days, mostly because it’s nowhere near to what the competition is offering. However, on certain occasions, we may want to go back and check whatever that’s being offered there, whether is the only broadcast channel to state functions or showing sporting events. Since we have access to various television broadcast platforms such as satellite, digital terrestrial or the old-good fashioned analogue transmission it’s always a good idea to know the exact channel numbers for our favorite channels to avoid frustrations.

And In today’s era of myriad television channels and streaming services, it’s easy to overlook traditional broadcasters like the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). For those moments when you find yourself seeking out KBC amidst the sea of alternative viewing options I have detailed a handy guide to locating it on various platforms.

Quick Summary:

  • KBC channel numbers:
  • DStv: Channel 270
  • Zuku: Channel 010
  • GOtv: Channel 90
  • StarTimes: Channel 101
  • Online streaming: KBC Live

Exploring KBC’s Presence Across Platforms

DStv (Channel 270)

Alongside the plethora of channels available on DStv, you can find KBC on Channel 270. It’s a weird platform to be looking for KBC since its subscription based and KBC is available free to air. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast catching a live match or a news junkie staying informed about current affairs, simply tune in to this channel to access KBC’s programming.

Zuku (Channel 010)

For Zuku subscribers, navigating to KBC is also straightforward and all you need to do is switching to Channel 010. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely evening of entertainment or seeking timely updates on national happenings, this channel provides access to KBC’s content.

GOtv (Channel 90)

On the other hand, GOtv subscribers need not fret when looking for KBC, as it can be easily located on Channel 90. Whether you’re unwinding with your favorite series or catching up on the latest news bulletins, simply tune in to this channel to access KBC’s offerings.

StarTimes (Channel 101)

On my long-time favorite StarTimes, finding KBC is also a breeze and is conveniently positioned at Channel 101. Whether you’re indulging in a movie marathon or staying abreast of significant events, this channel serves as your gateway to KBC’s diverse content.

Online Streaming

In today’s digital age, accessing content online has become increasingly prevalent. For those preferring the convenience of internet streaming, KBC offers a live stream of its programming on its official website. Simply visit https://www.kbc.co.ke/live/ to enjoy KBC’s content from the comfort of your digital device.


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