Kenyan Flood Relief: BURN Manufacturing Donates Institutional Cookstoves to Feed Over 2,000 Daily

BURN Manufacturing (BURN), the leading clean cookstove producer, distributor, and carbon offset project developer globally, has generously offered six ECOA institutional clean cookstoves along with dry foods to feed over 2,000 people per day who have been impacted by ongoing floods in Kenya.

The 200-liter institutional cookstove is designed handle cooking for large quantities of food, up to 200 kgs at once. It will be utilized to prepare meals for families affected by the floods in the Mathare and Mukuru Kwa Reuben areas of Nairobi.

Currently, the affected individuals are housed in four camps located in two areas of Nairobi. Six kitchens operate around the clock to ensure timely meal preparation. However, these kitchens have been struggling to cope with the increased demand, resulting in longer delays in food distribution.

The enhanced cooking stove comes with several advantages such as cutting down firewood consumption by 90% as well as enabling the choice between firewood or briquettes. This makes it a budget friendly and adaptable choice, for organizations. These stoves are rated with an efficiency of 65%. Can boil 200 liters of water in only 52 minutes. The intense rainfall has led to floods resulting in a minimum of 257 fatalities and forcing over 293,661 individuals to evacuate.

Peter Scott, CEO of BURN, stated, “After the floods, many people in Kenya are facing food shortages. We need to deliver cooked meals to these families urgently. BURN will continue to manufacture and distribute these institutional stoves and dried food; more partners are joining us, expanding our operational reach even further. Cookstoves and food, my team is assisting families.”

Wanjira Wanjiru, Coordinator of Mathare Social Justice Centre, expressed gratitude, saying, “We appreciate BURN for their solidarity and support to our community. These stoves will enable us to provide three meals a day – morning, afternoon, and evening – in our six community kitchens here at Mathare. The demand is significant: we require food, warm clothing, diapers, and sanitary pads for women. We hope to have more partners come on board to provide support.”

Since its inception in 2013, BURN has distributed over 4.5 million stoves to homes across Africa, all manufactured at its plant in Kenya. This initiative has positively impacted the lives of over 4.2 million people, helping families save more than $520 million on fuel expenses and conserving 6.9 million tons of wood to date.

BURN operates two factories in Kenya that are capable of producing over 400,000 stoves every month, providing employment to more than 2,500 individuals in both factory and field positions.


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