Kenyan Passport Processing Overhaul: Kindiki Pledges 3-Day Turnaround by Year’s End

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For those of us who’ve had to visit various passport processing centers here in Kenya must be privy to the tedious process that has since been marred by cartels looking to cash in on desperate Kenyans looking to go abroad. While other locations within the country are not as problematic as the so-called Nyayo house here in Nairobi, they all have one thing in common, and that is corrupt individuals looking to cash in with a promise of a speedy processing period.

Following complains from various Kenyans the government of Kenya intervened with hope of streamlining the passport application process thereby removing unnecessary huddles and having applicants receive them in good time. On top of previous efforts, the government of Kenya (GoK) has unveiled ambitious plans to expedite the processing of Kenyan passports to be within 21 days. This time, with an enhanced infrastructure as well as streamlined procedures that have been spearheaded by the Cabinet Secretary of Interior and Administration of National Government, Kithure Kindiki. Kindiki is spearheading efforts to drastically reduce processing times, aiming for a mere 3 days by the end of the year.


  • The Government of Kenya is intensifying efforts to expedite passport processing, with a pledge to reduce turnaround times to just 3 days.
  • Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki announced the deployment of new printers and increased passport booklets to facilitate faster processing.
  • Plans are underway to upgrade Kenyan passports to a third-generation standard, enhancing security and aligning them with international benchmarks.

Kindiki has assured Kenyans of the government’s commitment to enhancing efficiency as well as improved service delivery in passport processing. He spoke on the backdrop of the acquisition of new printers as well as the supply of passport booklets that have been depleted in previous days. The State Department of Immigration and Citizen Services is expected to implement these reforms effectively.

Kindiki’s pledge outlines a phased approach where applicants will experience a gradual reduction in processing times. Starting from the 1st of August, the turnaround period is set to decrease to seven days, followed by a further reduction to three days from the 1st of November. This proactive strategy is expected to address the longstanding issue of prolonged passport processing while providing the much-needed tangible relief to Kenyans.

There are also efforts towards moving away from current passports to a third-generation passports with heightened the security that ensures credibility of Kenyan travel documents. By aligning with global standards, these upgraded passports will afford Kenyan citizens enhanced privileges as well as recognition on the international stage.

Alongside these progressions, the State Department for Immigration & Citizen Services led by Principal Secretary Julius Bitok is taking steps to speed up printing procedures. By introducing new printers and hiring more staff, the department is ready to work around the clock to process passport applications promptly and effectively. Moreover, expanding the number of service counters from 14 to 40 demonstrates an initiative to tackle current delays and improve customer contentment.


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