KRA and KNCCI Join Forces for Enhanced MSMEs Tax Awareness and Business Sustainability

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will start working together with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), in creating awareness for making Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to enhance tax compliance in the sector.

The collaboration shows an important move that is aimed at creating a culture of tax compliance as well as encouraging sustainable business practices within the MSME sector.

In the arrangement, KRA and KNCCI have made an agreement to jointly carry out tax education programs which will include setting up tax clinics across the country where MSMEs can get services related to taxes at their own places.

The agreement is intended to give MSMEs the needed knowledge as well as assistance that will enable them properly to fulfill their tax obligations.

During an engagement with KNCCI, KRA Commissioner General Mr. Humphrey Wattanga highlighted the significance of collaboration in handling tax complexities as well as maintaining a long-term tax base expansion, especially in the MSME sector.

Mr. Wattanga, on behalf of KRA, said KRA was ready to cooperate with KNCCI in starting programs that will assist in spreading information about taxes and solving problems experienced by traders.

“We have a committed focus on tackling matters of tax complexity,” said Mr. Wattanga, This shows the commitment of KRA to help MSMEs handle problems related to tax and create a good atmosphere for business activities.

To improve tax compliance, the Chamber will cooperate with KRA by fighting against illicit trade and working to make a friendly business environment. The Chamber is making continuous efforts in sensitizing its members about smuggling dangers. This contributes towards ensuring business environment’s overall integrity is upheld.

Dr. Erick Rutto, who is the President of KNCCI, said they will try to get help from KRA in making their members understand about eTIMS. This will show that using technology for better tax procedures and following rules is a critical part of the mission for KNCCI.

The partnership with KRA shows KNCCI’s dedication to assist in the growth and longevity of MSMEs in Kenya. This collaboration is centered on equipping them with crucial information, tools, and backing required for their success within an ever-changing business environment.


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