MultiChoice Urges Action to Combat Content Theft and Protect Kenya’s Creative Industry

In a compelling plea, MultiChoice Kenya which is a key player in the country’s entertainment sector, is rallying stakeholders to unite in the fight against content theft, which is causing substantial economic losses and stifling the growth of Kenya’s creative industry.

Quick Summary:

  • Kenya is losing an estimated Sh92 billion annually to piracy, equating to Sh252 million per day.
  • Piracy affects various sectors, including music, video content, cinema, television, books, magazines, newspapers, and gaming.
  • The government also suffers significant revenue losses due to piracy, including VAT, corporation tax, and income tax.
  • MultiChoice emphasizes the importance of combating piracy to protect the investments of content creators and attract further investment into Kenya’s film industry.

Understanding the Issue:

The staggering figures presented by MultiChoice Kenya Managing Director Nzola Miranda and Public Relations Manager Elisha Kamau underscore the severity of the piracy problem in Kenya. The rampant piracy of music, videos, and cinema content not only undermines the creative efforts of artists and filmmakers but also inflicts substantial financial losses on the economy.

Economic Impact:

  • The research conducted by Partners Against Piracy (PAP) reveals alarming statistics: Sh15 billion lost through pirated music, Sh32 billion through pirated video content, and Sh5 billion from cinema.
  • The government also suffers considerable revenue losses, including Sh12.69 billion in VAT, Sh2.49 billion in corporation tax, and Sh1.07 billion in income tax for residents and non-residents annually.

Implications for the Creative Industry:

  • Piracy poses a significant threat to the sustainability of the creative industry, as it deprives content creators of rightful earnings and discourages future investments.
  • MultiChoice highlights the detrimental effects of piracy on film creators, including the loss of royalties and potential investors who are deterred by the prevalence of piracy.

Call to Action:

  • MultiChoice urges collaborative efforts among stakeholders to address the piracy epidemic effectively.
  • Proposed measures include amendments to the Kenya Cyber Crime Act to enhance enforcement against piracy.
  • The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) advocates for stricter regulations and enforcement to safeguard local filmmakers from exploitation by foreign entities.

Potential Impact:

Addressing content theft is imperative not only for safeguarding the interests of content creators but also for nurturing a vibrant and sustainable creative industry in Kenya. By curbing piracy, stakeholders can foster an environment conducive to innovation, investment, and the continued growth of the entertainment sector.


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