Murang’a County Introduces E-Voucher Subsidy System for Mango and Dairy Farmers

Little known Murang’a County here in Kenya has taken technology guided steps to improve the lives of mango and dairy farmers by introducing an e-voucher subsidy system. This initiative which is being fronted by Governor Irungu Kang’ata is designed to make subsidy payments more efficient, increase transparency and empower farmers to access various resources efficiently without any huddles they currently experience.


  • Murang’a County has transitioned from providing cash subsidies to offering e-cards to mango and dairy farmers.
  • More than 21,000 farmers are expected to benefit from this subsidy program by receiving payments based on the produce they deliver.
  • The e-voucher system allows farmers to purchase inputs, pay school fees and access healthcare services.

Development of the Subsidy Program.

Since the establishment of the subsidy program back in 2023, Murang’a County has put in efforts towards supporting mango and dairy farmers through the program. It was initially distributing payments in cash which opened the door of misuse since there was no accountability. However, with the recent shift to e-cards, it represents a significant advancement, in the county’s efforts to support agriculture.

The Inua Mkulima E-Voucher Card.

Governor Kang’ata introduced the issuance of Inua Mkulima e-cards to registered farmers who’re part of corporative societies. This digital platform serves as a wallet where subsidy funds are loaded for farmers use. The governor teamed up with selected agricultural supply stores and shops that farmers can easily buy animal feeds, farm chemicals and other necessary items using these cards.

Added Benefits for Farmers.

The use of e-cards broadens the range of advantages accessible to farmers. Apart from just buying farming supplies, farmers can now utilize the card to pay bills and school expenses improving their wellbeing. This comprehensive strategy emphasizes the county governments dedication to tackling challenges encountered by communities.

Ensuring Fair Distribution.

Through the updated payment method, all enrolled farmers receive assistance which has helped in eradicating disparities in subsidy distribution. This inclusive approach not only promotes fairness but also maximizes the effectiveness of the program by reaching a wider farming demographic. Moreover, involving beneficiaries in the program demonstrates the county’s commitment to expanding its initiatives.

Subsidy Details:

  • Mango farmers receive Sh3.50 per kilogram of delivered produce.
  • Dairy farmers receive Sh7 per liter of delivered milk.

Improved Responsibility and Openness.

By utilizing technology, the county government enhances responsibility and transparency in the management of subsidies. The digital record of transactions allows for real time monitoring reducing the risk of misuse or fraud. Additionally, the e-voucher system enables monitoring of farmers involvement guaranteeing that assistance is provided to those actively contributing to the sector.

Boosting Economic Development.

Apart from the advantages to farmers, the e-voucher subsidy scheme promotes growth within the community. Through collaborations with suppliers and rejuvenating farming businesses such as Murang’a County Creameries, the initiative encourages entrepreneurship and stablishes a favorable environment for commercial growth. This harmonious blend of agricultural assistance program and economic upliftment nurtures enduring prosperity in the area.

How to Enroll

Registration with a cooperative society is mandatory for participation in the Inua Mkulima program


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