Roam Partners with Mogo to Accelerate Electric Mobility in Africa

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Roam which operates in Kenya as an electric mobility company, has announced a strategic partnership with Mogo, one of East African-based asset financier, with an aim at promoting the adoption of electric motorcycles in the region. This collaboration seeks to empower individuals especially boda boda riders, to transition to electric motorcycles through flexible financing packages, ultimately boosting their daily earnings and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Quick Summary:

  • Roam collaborates with Mogo to promote the adoption of electric motorcycles in Africa.
  • The partnership offers flexible financing options for boda boda riders, enabling them to increase their daily earnings.
  • Roam aims to scale its electric motorcycle deployment with Mogo’s support, driving positive socio-economic and environmental impact.

The partnership between the two companies – Roam and Mogo is significant in a way that it will propell the adoption of electric mobility solutions across Africa. By leveraging Mogo’s expertise in asset financing, Roam is expected to facilitate the transition of boda boda riders from conventional motorcycles to electric ones reaping greater benefits such as addressing both economic and environmental challenges.

“We’re excited to partner with Mogo to tap into the growing market of boda boda riders seeking to transition to electric motorcycles amid rising petrol prices,” stated Mikael GĂ„nge, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Roam. “With Mogo’s support, we can offer flexible financing options that ensure immediate cost savings for customers. Our mission at Roam is to provide the best and most affordable electric motorcycles to the market, and Mogo is a valuable partner in accelerating that mission.”

Roam’s electric motorcycles are designed to meet various transportation needs that include personal commuting, cargo transportation, ride-sharing, and taxi services. With Mogo’s assistance, Roam aims to expedite the deployment of these electric motorcycles, fostering positive environmental and socio-economic impacts in communities across Kenya and beyond.

“Our partnership with Roam will enhance access to electric motorcycles in Kenya,” affirmed Rauls Leitis, Business Development Project Manager at Mogo. “We observe a growing demand for electric motorcycles, and with Roam’s innovative products and charging infrastructure, we anticipate the electric motorcycle market surpassing the petrol one in the future.”

This collaboration cements the commitment of both Roam and Mogo to promote sustainable transportation solutions while addressing the evolving mobility needs of African communities. As the partnership unfolds, it is poised to drive significant advancements in electric mobility adoption and contribute to the region’s socio-economic development.


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