Starlink’s Satellite Internet Now Available in Kenya via Jumia

Ever thought on exactly how you can acquire Starlink’s internet? Well, Jumia – one of Kenya’s biggest e-commerce portal has just announced its availability on its network. What this measns basically is that you can now head over to the e-commerce site and easily purchase the kit and wait for its delivery. This is particularly interesting considering that besides Starlink, none of the current internet service providers here in Kenya is available on the platform. As expected, the latest developement is expected to cause a buzz in the competitive internet service provision market segment especially for the underserved regions, by providing high-speed and reliable internet access.

Since July 2023, Starlink has been delivering its services to Kenyan customers. However, initial adoption faced hurdles due to the substantial costs associated with the residential kit. The kit was priced at KES 89,000 for hardware plus shipping along with a monthly subscription of KES 6,500 which posed a significant barrier to accessibility for the common Kenyan.

Now, with the Starlink Residential Kit available on Jumia at a discounted price of KES 39,500, the technology becomes much more accessible to a wider audience. Starlink has been actively promoting this offer on various Kenyan social media platforms, but it remains uncertain as to whether the discounted pricing will go beyond mid-May or is just for now. We recently shared news on how Starlink had decided to lower the installation cost as a promo but it’s just a matter of wait and see whether it’ll last any longer.

Now, have you ever wondered exactly how Starlink operates? Unlike traditional fixed internet providers who utilize fibre optic cables to connect customers to the internet, Starlink on its part relies on a network of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that provide internet coverage, and in this case its the most suitable for areas with poor or nonexistent connectivity. The technology ensures that there’s an avilable high-speed internet with minimal latency that can confortably support various online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, and remote work, that may otherwise be challenging in most parts of Kenya.

The collaboration of Jumia and Starlink has moved into its second stage, starting from Nigeria to Kenya. This planned alliance is making use of Jumia’s big logistical network and strong client group so that they can deliver high-tech products straight at the homes of customers.

As expressed by Hisham ElGabry, the Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jumia Group, “Our mission focuses on improving daily existence via technology”. By including Starlink in their platform, Jumia aims to make it easier for people to get reliable and fast internet services which are important for Kenya’s progress economically.

The Starlink Residential Kit has been marked down in price, making it more financially viable for Kenyan homes and businesses to use its advanced technology. The kit includes a user terminal (satellite dish), mounting tripod, and wireless router that are designed for easy installation as well as to align with the satellites automatically.

The wide reach of Jumia, along with Starlink’s high-tech satellite, shows a big jump in Kenya’s efforts for total digital connection. The link between these two companies not just underlines Jumia’s commitment to reducing technology gaps but also aligns with the nation’s goals of enhancing internet access in far-off and less privileged areas.

Those who are excited to take advantage of this short period offer can now find cheap Starlink Residential Kits on Jumia’s platform. It guarantees an easy way into one of the most groundbreaking technologies of our current digital era.


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