Why and How You Should Turn on VoLTE for Better Calls on Safaricom and Airtel Networks

Mobile phones have evolved to a point where it’s no longer just a matter of making calls, but also the quality and value we get from them. Today, it’s very important to make and receive calls that meet a certain threshold of quality. One such feature that everyone ought to have on their devices is the ability to make calls over VoLTE.  VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It’s a technology that lets you make voice calls using a 4G LTE network, and yes, it is the same network you use for mobile data. Under normal circumstances, when you make a call, your phone switches to an older network such as 2G or 3G. But with VoLTE, your phone stays on the faster 4G network for both calls and data.

Safaricom and Airtel are undisputably the top providers for mobile networks in here Kenya, and coincidentally, they’re the only ones know to offer voice calls over VoLTE. When you use Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology from these two companies, your communication experience becomes better with unmatched clarity and overall quality. Today, we are going to look at why activating VoLTE on Safaricom or Airtel can change everything for you as well as provide an guide on how you can easily enable VoLTE on both Android and iPhones and enjoy clear voice calls from the two mobile service providers.

Enhanced Call Quality

Tech used in the VoLTE functionality can provide a dramatic improvement in the quality of calls, offering High Definition (HD) voice conversations that are noticeably clearer and more distinct. Using 4G LTE networks, VoLTE takes away background noise and distortions from the sounds when making calls. It ensures that every conversation you have over the technology is enjoyable for the people involved in it. And of course, we must point out that a high-quality conversation improves effectiveness when communicating with family members or making business calls.

Seamless Call Setup:

Goodbye to slow connection times in setting up calls, thanks to VoLTE-enabled networks. With the usual calls, you may experience delays in connecting due to sluggish connection times. This can be very frustrating as you wait for the call to establish itself. But VoLTE simplifies this process: it makes setting up the call faster and provides instant connectivity without any delay at all. No more worries about the ‘dialing’ and ‘connecting’ stages because VoLTE achieves this process very fast.

Faster Data Speeds:

VoLTE doesn’t just change the way we make voice calls; it also gives a big boost to your data usage. When you use 4G LTE networks for transmitting both voice and data, VoLTE guarantees superfast speed of data even when you’re having a voice call. Anything you might be doing online, whether it’s surfing the internet, watching videos or participating in video chats – VoLTE keeps things smooth by allowing continuous flow of your data without any impact on call quality or connection.

Extended Battery Life:

Most people by default think that by turning on VoLTE, it will use more battery power. However, the truth is quite different: using VoLTE can boost the life of your battery. This happens because VoLTE makes use of improved transmission protocols when compared to old-fashioned circuit-switched calls which reduces stress on your phone’s battery. Using  this feature can ensure that your phone’s battery lasts longer and you get better overall standby times due to less power needed by your device.

Enhanced Network Coverage:

VoLTE is not only for enhancing the quality of calls—it also helps in expanding network coverage to places that were earlier not well served. As voice calls are given more importance on LTE networks, VoLTE gives a wider coverage footprint especially in distant or countryside locations where regular network signals might have trouble in reaching your device. No matter where you are, stay connected with networks supporting VoLTE and experience unmatched coverage reliability.

How to Enable Safaricom or Airtel Kenya’s VoLTE feature on an Android device

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the ‘Network & Internet’ or ‘Connections’ section.
  • Select ‘Mobile Networks’ or ‘SIM Cards & Mobile Networks.’
  • Locate the ‘VoLTE’ or ‘Enhanced 4G LTE Mode’ option.
  • Toggle the switch to enable VoLTE functionality on your device.

Sometimes, you might need to restart your phone for the changes to take effect. This is based on what kind of device and carrier you are using.

How to Enable Safaricom or Airtel Kenya’s VoLTE feature on iOS/iPhone device

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Tap on “Mobile Data.”
  • Select “Mobile Data Options.”
  • Tap on “Voice & Data.”
  • Choose “LTE” or “LTE VoLTE On” to enable VoLTE (Toggle on) the option.
  • Tested on iOS 17.

And now lastly, embrace the mobile communication future by enabling VoLTE on Safaricom and Airtel networks in Kenya. Enjoy unbeatable call quality, super-fast data speeds, and improved network coverage that changes how you connect with the world around. Start using VoLTE now for a smooth, immersive communication experiences like no other time.


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