How to Activate Airtel Kenya’s Missed Call Alert Service and Stay Connected Even When Off-Air

Recently, we highlighted how you can block any incoming text messages or calls, but I was just thinking how about those of us that do not necessarily need to block calls or text from coming in. Well, let me start by first elaborating on what exactly I’m talking about. I mean we all have those flight-mode or focus mode that our cellular devices just so happen to employ when we need to ka sometime off and just focus on something else.

Problem is, as the saying goes you cannot be the “jack of all trades”; meaning, you cannot have a solution that addresses all manner of problems that you can think off. In this case, while we might want to restrict our devices from accepting all calls for whatever reason, there are instances when we still need to know people who tried calling us, and that’s when Airtel Kenya’s tried calling you service comes in handy. And let me also add that some calls might not be worth missing, having at least a way to call them back could be a real game changer in such situations.

What is Missed Call Alert (MCA) or Tried Calling You? 

There’s a service that has been used by various mobile service providers here in Kenya dubbed “Missed Call Alert” or MCA in short.

What is Missed Call Alert (MCA)? The MCA service by Airtel Kenya is a feature that sends you a text message notification for every call you miss when your phone is off-air. This ensures you’re informed about who tried to reach you, allowing you to return calls at your convenience.

Why Use Airtel’s MCA Service?

  • Stay Informed: Receive alerts for all missed calls with details of the caller.
  • Prioritize Your Calls: Decide which calls to return based on their importance.
  • Avoid Persistent Callers: Manage repeated calls from telemarketers or others without disruption.

How to Activate Airtel’s Missed Call Alert Service 

Activating the MCA service is straightforward:

  1. Compose a New Message: Open the messaging app on your Airtel mobile phone.
  2. Type ‘MCA’: Enter “MCA” in the message body to indicate your activation request.
  3. Send to 555: Dispatch the message to the short code “555”.
  4. Receive Confirmation: Await a text message confirming the activation of the MCA service.

Deactivating the MCA Service 

I’m not sure why someone would need to turn off this feature, having benefited a ton from it myself, but just in case you wish to deactivate the service, simply send “STOP” to 555.

Airtel Kenya’s missed call alert service or as its popularly known “Tried Calling You” feature is an invaluable tool for anyone needing to disconnect without missing out on important calls. Activate it today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always connected.


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