How to Easily Retrieve Your Airtel Phone Number with This Simple USSD Hack!

A good friend of mine once said that it’s the little things that matters when referencing to improvements made to a phone we were reviewing, but I tent to feel this particular saying applies in many ways that we can imagine off. Now here is one thing that you’d probably never imagined or anticipated, our world has become full of digits in every aspect of tech that we associate with, take for example a simple personal phone number that is unique to yourself. Have you ever imagined or thought that perhaps they’ll come a point when you’d really need to know your phone number but never memorized it off-head? Mobile service providers in Kenya provide an efficient way to retrieve or know your specific phone number when needed using USSD codes.

And while as unique as a phone number can be, it’s not uncommon to forget it, especially in the whirlwind of modern life, in this guide we are going to elaborate how you can retrieve and know your Airtel Kenya phone number. Take an example of that moment when you really need to share your unique personal phone number with a new acquaintance or for essential transactions, but you can’t just remember what it is. Knowing your Airtel phone number is crucial and fortunately, Airtel Kenya offers a simple solution for subscribers who find themselves in this predicament. Through a straightforward USSD feature, you can swiftly retrieve your Airtel phone number without breaking a sweat. Let’s delve into the details.


  • Forgetting your phone number can happen to anyone, especially in critical moments.
  • Airtel Kenya provides a user-friendly USSD feature for subscribers to effortlessly retrieve their phone numbers.
  • By following a few simple steps, you can quickly access your Airtel phone number and current balance.

Step-by-Step Guide: Here’s How You Can Know or Retrieve Your Airtel Phone Number:

  1. *Dial 100# on your Airtel mobile phone: Start by dialing *100# from your Airtel device. This initiates the USSD process to retrieve your phone number.
  2. Select “Manage My Account”: After dialing the USSD code, you’ll be presented with several options. Navigate through these options and select “Manage My Account” to proceed.
  3. Locate and Tap on “Number and Balance”: In the next menu, look for the option labeled “Number and Balance.” This is where you’ll find the feature to retrieve your phone number.
  4. Tap on “Send”: Once you’ve selected “Number and Balance,” proceed to tap on “Send.” This action will trigger the process to retrieve your Airtel phone number.
  5. Receive Confirmation Message: Shortly after tapping “Send,” you should receive a text message containing your Airtel phone number and current balance. The message typically reads, “Your number is 0733XXXXXX, and Balance is 0.01.”

Why Use This Feature:

Forgetting your phone number is a common occurrence and can happen to anyone especially in moments when you urgently need to share it. Fortunately, Airtel Kenya recognizes this challenge and has introduced a convenient USSD feature to address it. This feature comes in handy in various situations:

  • Lack of Airtime: When you’re low on airtime and unable to make a call to retrieve your number.
  • Unavailability of Contacts: In scenarios where you don’t have access to your contacts or stored numbers.
  • Simply Forgetting: Sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, we simply forget our own phone numbers.

Final Thoughts:

Airtel Kenya’s dedication to offering user friendly services is evident in features such as the easy retrieval of your phone number. This handy USSD option ensures that customers can quickly access their Airtel phone numbers whenever necessary. By following the provided instructions, you can smoothly navigate through the proces. So, if you ever have trouble remembering your Airtel phone number just remember that assistance is a few simple USSD commands away!


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